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What is an implant?

What is an implant? Dental treatments are among the neglected issues in our country. In general, dental diseases can progress due to the lack of tooth brushing habits and the neglect of dental treatments. Many people do not go to the dentist without experiencing toothache or other problems. As a result of neglected and neglected dental care in this way, problems such as tooth loss can be encountered. Among the treatments to be carried out regarding missing teeth in the mouth, the most ideal and long-lasting treatment is the so-called implant treatment. Implant treatment is applied in the form of adding teeth with special treatment methods to replace teeth that have been broken, rotten and extracted due to various reasons.

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Implant Treatment

Implementation of implant treatment is carried out by operating a certain process. First of all, it is necessary to wait for the healing process of the lower parts of the previously lost or extracted tooth. Along with the healing process, necessary examinations should be made and it should be checked whether the bone structure of the jaw is suitable for implant treatment. After the control, if a problem is not encountered in the jaw structure, implant studies begin. In order to perform the implant procedure, the necessary implant area must be opened for the jawbone. A metal piece is placed in the special area opened in the jawbone with appropriate materials. The placement process is carried out by screwing to the jawbone. The necessary parts are added to the metal part that has been screwed, and the area on which the tooth will be placed is created. As the last operation, the tooth prepared in accordance with the mouth and jaw structure is placed in this area. Implant treatment is a special process that requires care and knowledge.

Implant treatment is a treatment used only for tooth loss, that is, for areas where tooth loss occurs. Metal materials placed in the jawbone during the treatment phase are selected from materials such as titanium that will not deform easily and will not affect human health. In this way, the metal material placed will ensure that there is no negative situation in terms of health. At this point, it is important to use quality products. Implant treatment, which is made by making the necessary examinations and using quality materials, will be usable for a long time. In addition, not disrupting oral and dental health and care will increase the duration of use.

An implant tooth is defined as an artificial tooth root. It is applied by placing it in and on the jaw to replace the missing tooth and to complete the lost parts. Tooth loss is generally seen as an aesthetic problem. However, this is very important for health and tooth loss causes health problems. Therefore, it is very important not to delay the treatment. If you want to get rid of the risks permanently, you can apply to our doctors. Thanks to modern technology, we provide perfect service for you. Thus, you will be protected from tooth loss and you will have healthy teeth. What is an implant?

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About Dental Implants

Implant teeth are of great interest in terms of aesthetics. The implant, which is a functionally appropriate treatment, is placed within 5 to 15 minutes. Before the procedure, the area to be treated is anesthetized. Approximately 2 months are expected for the fusion of the jawbone. The waiting time varies according to the quality of the implant. After the measurement of the porcelain teeth is taken, the teeth are replaced. There are implant supported prostheses and teeth and prostheses made on implants. These are highly appreciated due to their advantages.

It is easy to apply and has a great aesthetic contribution. Oral hygiene is easily provided. Bone loss is prevented and speech naturalness is preserved. Chewing and biting problems disappear. Abrasions are reduced in soft tissues. You can consult us for implants placed in the cavities created by lost teeth. If you want to have usable teeth, you should come to your doctor’s controls without wasting time. After the physician examination, the treatment is clarified. You can choose implant application thanks to advantages such as chewing health, removal of deformities, and prevention of bone loss. What is an implant?

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What are the Advantages of Implant Treatment?

They allow you to speak confidently and laugh freely.

Having a full and aesthetically beautiful appearance of your teeth increases your self-confidence.

Compared to alternative methods, implant treatment is a more reliable and robust type of treatment.

The life of the teeth with implant treatment is much longer than the teeth on which other treatment methods are applied.

The dental implant has the appearance of a natural tooth and does not cause deformation in the mouth and jaw structure.

Since the teeth treated with implants are not different from healthy natural teeth, their care and cleaning are very easy.

Since the implant teeth have natural tooth strength, you do not hesitate about the loss of fillings on the teeth that have been bonded or filled.

In other treatments such as root canal and bridge, visual deterioration may occur because the structure of the tooth is deteriorated, however there is no such problem in implant treatment.

Since it is applied alone without any support from any tooth, it does not harm other teeth. Implanted tooth does not receive support from other teeth and does not damage other teeth, on the contrary, it supports other teeth.

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Implant Dental Application

Implant tooth application is painless and quite easy. The treated patient does not experience discomfort. Implants can be applied for tooth deficiencies. In addition, this situation prevents the melting of the jawbone. You can apply for a treatment that lasts up to 2 months without losing time. It is recommended to consume soft foods after the application. The use of painkillers and the application of ice compresses can be preferred by the patients. Implant brand and quality vary. For this reason, you should choose your implants carefully in order to prevent bone resorption. Thanks to the supervised treatment, you will be quite satisfied with the result. Poor quality products cause serious problems and are taken out of the mouth. Therefore, you can contact us at any time and review the materials. What is an implant?

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To Which patients Implant Treatment is not Applied?

Implant treatment is not a suitable treatment for all people. Sometimes it may be better not to apply it. Implant treatment may be risky in diabetic patients. Implant treatment may pose a risk in patients with uncontrolled diabetes due to the long tissue healing process. Implant treatment is not suitable for individuals with an unsuitable jaw structure, who are toothless for a long time, who have a high consumption of harmful substances such as cigarettes, and whose osteoporosis process has progressed. Implant treatment may also be risky in individuals with advanced heart disease and hypertension.

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Do patients feel pain in Implant Treatment?

During the dental implant application, one of the local or general anesthesia options is applied to the patients according to their wishes. Since anesthesia is applied, the patient does not feel any pain during the implant application. When anesthesia starts to lose its effect in patients who are given local anesthesia, mild pain starts on the same day. Since the jawbone and gingiva are directly intervened, it is quite normal to feel pain. In this process, extra attention should be paid to hygiene and care. The effect of pain is felt differently in each individual, you should use the painkillers recommended by your doctor when you find it necessary and when your pain increases.

How Long does the Implant Treatment Take?

One of the first questions that come to the mind of everyone who wants to have an implant is how long it takes to complete the implant treatment. Implant treatment involves a two-stage process. The first stage begins with the application of an artificial prosthesis to the jawbone. Then the prosthesis fuses with the jawbone and ossifies. The process is completed by performing implant tooth application on this bone.

The first phase of the treatment is completed in about 10-15 minutes. It takes 4-5 minutes for an implant to be placed, and then the fusion of the implant to the jawbone takes place in a period of 3 to 6 months, which varies from person to person. After the implant fuses with the bone, the prosthetic teeth are placed and the treatment is completed.

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How long is the life of the implant?

The implant stays in the mouth for life as long as there is no bone disease in later ages.

Can each patient be implanted?

Implant treatment can be applied to individuals who have sufficient jawbones and have completed their growth and development. For patients with abnormal blood values, implant treatment can be performed with a confirmation form from medical doctors that their values are under control. In pregnancy, like many other treatments, this treatment cannot be applied.

Do you need an implant for every lost tooth?

Yes, a screw (implant) made of titanium and imitating the root of that tooth is placed in place of each tooth that has already been extracted or will be newly extracted. Depending on the patient’s intraoral condition, a crown bridge treatment can also be applied instead of the implant.

Could there be a situation where the body does not accept the implants?

It has been determined that the implant made of titanium is tissue-friendly as a result of the researches. There is no rejection of the implants by the body, that is, tissue rejection. However, if the patients do not comply with the warnings (not consuming cigarettes and alcohol, not spitting in the first 24 hours, etc.), the problem of non-union of the implants to the bone may occur.

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